Our History

“Tsikalario” as workshop functions for many decades. When Kornilovasilis as he named carrying soil from the mountain with the donkey he made the famous laines bake in the furnace with fagots and then flipped the area with his donkey and exchanged with other products.

Continuing, Nick Kavgalakis groom of Kornilovasilis who had learned the art from his grandfather continued to give life to “tsikalario” and create unique traditional forms with great care.

Nick Kavgalakis has taken part in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has won awards beyond praise and admiration of everyone for his artistic creations and the way in which the making.

For example in 1990 took place at the invitation of the City of Munich, Germany in an exhibition organized by the municipality there with artisans from 19 countries.

In 1996 he took part in an international symposium on ceramics art school of Banff in Canada.

In 2000 he took part in an exhibition of ceramics organized by the municipality of Maroussi and constructed a pot of 2 meters and 35 centimeters.

Between 2001 and today the municipality Dieven located in Bavaria in Germany is organized once a year a report with artists from all over Europe and invites him to present the traditional art of pottery.

Also extensive reports on the work of maestro Nick as they call him have written at times in many Greek and foreign magazines and newspapers. Now we and Nick’s Kavgalakis children and grandchildren having apprenticed for many years near to the large journeyman and master this art continue to “tsikalario” and always guided by Mastro Nick produce various forms of traditional and modern and we continue this art to deliver it deserved to future generations.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery